Elena Renker x M A Ltd Autumn Candle

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We have long admired and collected Elenas' simply beautiful ceramic work so it was about time we asked her to create a small, limited number batch of candle vessels for us. All pots are unique, rustic reddish-brown and we insist are used long after your candle has run out. We felt our Autumn scent was most appropriate to be pair with the character or Elena's vessels. The combination of Smoked Lavender and Amber creates a warm, smokey fragrance with a very subtle sweetness and brings to mind smouldering piles of raked leaves and cool, damp walks in the bush.   


Our seasonal candles are bespoke, tailored and personally tested, mixed and poured to create a scent that is individual and captures the essence of what inspires us each season. 

Handmade in Auckland, New Zealand with Eco-Soy Wax and Apothecary Votives that have been chosen to hopefully serve a useful purpose long after your candle has been burnt.

450ml with an average burn time of 65-75hrs if burnt correctly. 

Sold Out


  • Autumn
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