Flower Crush mini travel candle


Introducing, Flower Crush, our newest & limited Mini Travel Candle.

The scent of Rose, bittersweet Orange & Rhubarb. Super cute looking, super cute smelling. Exclusive to the M.A Home store only.

xxx while stocks last xxx


Our scented candles are a visually and fragrantly contemporary combination of natural wax infused with our bespoke blended fragrance oils, and poured into glass votives that have been selected to serve a useful purpose long after your candle has been burnt. 60ml with an average burn time of aprox. 10hrs if burnt correctly.

Our range is bespoke, tailored, personally tested and mixed to create a scent that is individual and captures the essence of what inspires us each season. Handmade on Matakana Coast, Auckland, New Zealand.


Mini Candle

  • Flower Crush
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