Lavender Explosion Mini Scented Dried

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Another mini edition to our Seasonal's range, mini Scented Dried.

Perfect for people on the move who love to take a small piece of home with them where ever they go. Whether it's a hotel room for the night or a cabin for a week,    these mini 60ml Scented Dried in solid glass jars & completed with lids, bring familiar, refreshing fragrances to where ever you burn them.

Lavender Explosion is a votive full to the brim of the loveliest scented Lavender flowers, of many types. It is a calming, relaxing and sweat scent.

Organically Grown in Christchurch, by my mother.

Whilst Lavender Explosion is powerful in its scent, for more add a few drops of your favorite Lavender essential oil.  

Exclusive to the M.A Home store only, our Scented Dried are a visually and fragrantly beautiful combination of carefully dried, yet hardy, florals infused with our bespoke Seasonals' blended fragrance oils, and arranged into glass votives that have been selected to serve a useful purpose long after first use.

Aprox. 1 months lasting fragrance depending on treatment. Fragrance top-up vials available for customer purchase from us direct.

Our Seasonals range is bespoke, tailored, personally tested and mixed to create a scent that is individual and captures the essence of what inspires us each season. Handmade on Matakana Coast, Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Autumn
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