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Can't decide which seasonal fragrance you prefer? Well luckily we've created a mini tealight sample set to help you make up your mind. Each set contains four mini 10ml testers - one of each of our Seasonals fragrances, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

What's more, we'll credit you back $5.00 on your next candle or scented dried purchase. 

SPRING - The combination of Wild Mint, Geranium, Peony and Lime delivers a fresh, light fragrance with a very soft sweetness and makes us think of delicate new shoots of flowers on these new, fresh, sunny, dewy mornings.

SUMMER - The combination of Wild Bluebell, Sage Flower and Sea Salt creates a scent reminiscent of clean fresh linen in a salty summer breeze, with sweet cut grass and softly scented night flowers. It has an ozonic body with a subtle fresh sweetness.    

AUTUMN - The combination of Smoked Lavender and Amber creates a warm, smokey fragrance with a very subtle sweetness and brings to mind smoldering piles of raked leaves and cool, damp walks in the bush.   

WINTER -  The combination of Burnt Fig, Cassis and Citrus creates a rich heady and warm fragrance, reminiscent of cosy evenings in doors with an open fireplace and friends around a beautiful shared meal. 


Our seasonal candles are bespoke, tailored and personally tested, mixed and poured to create a scent that is individual and captures the essence of what inspires us each season. 


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  • Mini Seasonals tester set
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