Seasonals mini travel candles - Summer

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The mini edition to our Seasonal's candle range.

Perfect for people on the move who love to take a small piece of home with them where ever they go. Whether it's a hotel room for the night or a cabin for a week,    these mini 60ml candles in solid glass jars & completed with lids, bring familiar, refreshing fragrances to where ever you burn them.

SPRING - The combination of Wild Mint, Geranium, Peony and Lime delivers a fresh, light fragrance with a very soft sweetness and makes us think of delicate new shoots of flowers on these new, fresh, sunny, dewy mornings.

SUMMER - The combination of Wild Bluebell, Sage Flower and Sea Salt creates a scent reminiscent of clean fresh linen in a salty summer breeze, with sweet cut grass and softly scented night flowers. It has an ozonic body with a subtle fresh sweetness.    

AUTUMN - The combination of Smoked Lavender and Amber creates a warm, smokey fragrance with a very subtle sweetness and brings to mind smoldering piles of raked leaves and cool, damp walks in the bush.   

WINTER -  The combination of Burnt Fig, Cassis and Citrus creates a rich heady and warm fragrance, reminiscent of cosy evenings in doors with an open fireplace and friends around a beautiful shared meal. 


Our Seasonals scented candles are a visually and fragrantly contemporary combination of natural wax infused with our bespoke Seasonals blended fragrance oils, and poured into glass votives that have been selected to serve a useful purpose long after your candle has been burnt. 60ml with an average burn time of aprox. 10hrs if burnt correctly.

Our Seasonals range is bespoke, tailored, personally tested and mixed to create a scent that is individual and captures the essence of what inspires us each season. Handmade on Matakana Coast, Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Summer
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