MARK ANTONIA LTD. Dried Floral and Homeware studio.

Our bespoke floral schedule is currently full for November. We'll also be focusing on creating all manner of floral pieces for our online store pre-xmas. Please email to enquire about dec bookings.

Visit '2019 shipping and cut off dates' page in MENU-ABOUT, for more details.

As pioneers in the dried floral revival we specialize exclusively in dried floral work and offer a range of complimentary items.

We create bespoke installations and arrangements of any size, shape and colour for commercial and private commission, installing and shipping these works both nationally and internationally. While our online store carries a selection of pre-made dried bouquets, arrangements, and related products. View our full scope of work through our social channels.

A selection of our products are also available from key retailers nationally and internationally.

We are extremely proud to be working on projects with local and international clients such as:

  • Juliette Hogan,
  • 27 Names,
  • Ruby,
  • Crane Brothers,
  • Shakes,
  • Cable Bay,
  • Precinct 35,
  • Douglas and Bec,
  • Stephen Marr,
  • Citta,
  • Everyday Needs,
  • Cheshire Architects,
  • The Caker,
  • Espresso Workshop,
  • Tantalus,
  • Maloneys Barber Shop,
  • Lillius,
  • Rogue Society Gin,
  • Nest,
  • Homestyle magazine, Country Style Magazine, Leif Products,
  • and many more.
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