Candle Fragrance Discovery Pack


We understand that purchasing fragrance items online is difficult, so we've created a Fragrance Discovery Pack to help make your decision making process a little easier. 

The Fragrance Discovery Pack contains samples of our full fragrance range in scented mini wax-melt form. 

Our Fragrance Range:

Wild Mint, Geranium & Peony (originally Spring). A fresh, light fragrance with a floral top note.

Sage Flower & Sea Salt (originally Summer). Fresh linen, salt, cut grass. Ozonic with a subtle fresh sweetness.    

Smoked Lavender & Amber (originally Autumn). A warm, smokey fragrance with a very subtle sweetness.  

Burnt Fig, Cassis & Citrus (originally Winter). A rich heady and warm fragrance, with subtle berries and spice.

Cedar, Amber & Tonka. Subtle earthy base notes with a smooth, sweet top note.

Vetiver, Cade & Citrus. Mixed berries with a subtle citrus top note.



  • Mini Seasonals tester set
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