Patina Cylinders


Used as a multi purpose vessels, these all purpose cylinders are extremely versatile yet also can be simply sculptural. These are intended to gradually start to present their own individual patina over time, however can be sealed upon request.






Made to order in three sizes with others available on request. Made from waxed mild steel or brushed aluminum.

Finished and sealed by hand. Recommended for wet & dry areas. Made by local craftspeople in Auckland, NZ.

Please allow up to between aprox 2-4 weeks for production and finishing. 






  • 80x50mm / Blackened / Steel
  • 125x50mm / Blackened / Steel (+$30)
  • 150x75mm / Blackened / Steel (+$60)
  • 80x50mm / Brushed / Aluminium
  • 125x50mm / Brushed / Aluminum (+$30)
  • 150x75mm / Brushed / Aluminium (+$60)
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